Discover the Irresistible Delights of Our Bakery in Looe!

Welcome to Bowden Bakery, nestled on the vibrant Looe High Street. Immerse yourself in the delightful aromas of our bakery, where we proudly craft an array of tempting treats. Savor the exquisite flavors of our freshly baked Cornish Cruffins, a perfect fusion of a croissant and muffin, or relish the authenticity of our traditional Cornish Pasties, packed with rich fillings and flaky crusts. And don't miss the chance to invigorate your senses with our specially brewed Cornish Coffee.

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Where We Started

In 1905, our visionary grandparents established the inaugural Bowdens in West Looe. What began as a humble green grocers, bakery, and community store has now evolved into something more. The significance of "1905" in our name pays homage to their enduring legacy and serves as a heartfelt tribute to their pioneering spirit.


The Bakery Today

Today, we've given Bowdens a playful twist and proudly introduce you to Bowden Bakers 1905, now nestled in the lively East Looe. Get ready to dive into a world of irresistible baked goodies! Think Official Cornish Cruffins, classic Cornish Pasties, and a jolt of Cornish Coffee goodness. We're here to brighten your days, all week long. Swing by, grab a treat hot off the oven, and let the deliciousness unfold!

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Delivery To Your Door

Why limit the fun to just our bakery? Let the Cornish goodness come to you! Whether you're craving a taste of Cornwall or aiming to make your pals swoon with delight, our scrumptious Cornish Baked treats can be on your doorstep in a jiffy. No need to be in sunny Cornwall – we'll sprinkle a bit of Cornish magic all over the UK, just for you!

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